The impact of Covid-19 has been so disruptive that annual festivals and challenges for students or start-ups in the state cannot be held in the foreseeable future. To ignite young innovative minds at home, Startup Nagaland is scouting for innovative product/solutions from startups to fight this epidemic in different ways such as these:

  • Provide additional support to different groups of society particularly vulnerable groups where virtual doctor visits can happen.
  • Maintain public safety and public health in general, during an outbreak by the use of support tools and mobile applications for healthcare workers, using drones to deliver medical supplies, and help prevent frontline workers from catching the infection.
  • Public Transportation solutions having Zero contact between drivers & passengers.¬†¬†Innovative equipments/tools for police personnel and frontline workers.
  • Innovative solutions to encourage agri and allied sector especially in rural areas to cater to the demand of urban areas during lockdown.
  • Any product/services that will prove useful to help fight this pandemic and also help the society at large in any way possible.
  • Development of technology or solution to avoid spread of Covid-19 in crowded areas, especially market areas.
  • Development of technology or solution to monitor people under quarantine.
  • Solution for delivery of medicine in remote areas during lockdown.

Click here for more information and to register for the Lockdown Challenge.

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