With the announcement of the MSME’s scheme of “Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators”, to provide early stage funding for nurturing innovative business ideas (new/ingenious technology, processes, products, procedure, etc.) to commercialize in a year .

NTTC have strived hard to explore the possibility of developing few innovative ideas from among local youth, encouraged and motivated some innovators to take up and develop innovative ideas for rural upliftment and socio-economic development of the society.

Against the sanctioned scheme, the DC (MSME) agreed to support with an amount of Rs. 26.10 lakh for development and implementation of above. The NTTC has already tied up with concerned innovators and the works of the above projects are in progress.

i. Motorized Angular Saw for Particle Board & Bamboo Plies.
Category of Technology: New Technology for straight-edging and oblique cutting of board or plies. High level carpenters’ machine for diversifying products. With full parametric adjustability including blade angle to enable desired cut with precision. It is for design and manufacture of furniture, interior designs and hi-amplified sound box, office cabinets, manufacturing industries, etc.

ii. Low Cost Decorative Stone Cutting Portable Machine.
Category of Technology: New technology which can hold, position process/product/new application, other specific and rotate the stone at the time of cutting. Also able to produce multiple slits. Small portable machine fitted with twin circular blades on single spindle drive by a 2-5 HP motors. Stone bolder is mounted on the rotary table for variant positioning. Rails are fitted on the bed for movement of table. The machine has 3-Axis travels.

iii. Motorized Circular Saw blade Sharpening Machine
Category of Technology: new technology for repairing & re-sharpening of circular saws locally. Common circular saws use in stone cutting, timber cutting, particular board cutting, etc. can be repaired without high expenditure. To incorporate the principle of ‘Indexing Head’ on spindle located the blade to enable the positioning before the angular grinder wheel is drive by a motor .

iv. Hydraulic Press Machine for Bamboo Tile Making.
Category of Technology: New technology for making bamboo tiles which can be used for construction of ceiling and other interiors, furniture, etc. using hydraulically powered compression. Production of new products which is Bamboo Ply board using bamboo planks and polymer fibre. The bamboo strips along with fibrous resins are compressed using hydraulic press mechanism. Huge market in bamboo industry for making tiles and boards.

v. Bamboo Composite Curving for Furniture Crafting Machine.
Category of Technology: New technology innovated to get the desired shape in the composite bamboo for use in furniture and other decorative structural designs. The device is to produce necessary bending and curving to the composite bamboo and more so to eliminate the hollowness bamboo structure to enhance the application of bamboo in the area of furniture and interior design structure. Production of new design, new materials, effective strength, decorative structure, transportation easiness.

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